Wobbly Lamps - 7" EP (Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records)
Wobby Lamps - 7" EP
- (Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records) -
1. ''Neon Tepee''

2. "She Wants Me Dead"

2. "Alice The Goon"
Limited edition of only 250 7” EPs. The debut record by Wobbly lamps is the first release on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records (an independent DIY label set up by the team behind the Polyvinyl Craftsmen podcasts).

Wobbly Lamps were born underground, in a pub basement. Disillusioned with much of modern life and the mundane mainstream, they got drunk and made music. After months of subterranean existence honing their sound, they left the basement, moved into the light to inflict their noise on an unsuspecting public. After a batch of gigs around their spawning ground of Southend-on-Sea they are quickly developing a following among fans of low end, lo-fi, trippy garage rock.

Support slots with Sic Alps and The Black Belles led to them headlining Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen stage at the Village Green Festival in their hometown in June.

The single features 3 original songs full of piss and vinegar “Neon Tepee”, “She Wants Me Dead” and “Alice the Goon”. Influences include Country Teasers, The Fall, Billy Childish, Thee Oh Sees, The Clean, Real Estate, Comet Gain, Pavement, Mr Bungle, Mars Volta, Yo La Tengo and My Bloody Valentine. The band sound a bit like some of these and nothing at all like some of the others. The Wobbly mantra is “Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever”.

- Official Press Release


“These guys are one of the most exciting local acts I’ve seen for a long time. This is true dirty garage rock played with attitude. Imagine The Strokes being dragged through the mud and wrung out of any pop that was left in them before finally getting washed down with a post-punk rinse. Very good indeed.”
- Live review from Level 4 Magazine.

“Stonking debut from wobbly lamps. fuzzed up and drenched in a riff heritage that stretches back in time to the sonics and a whole host of frustrated garage-bound moronic geniuses, wobbly lamps wax 3 songs which bloodthirstily pummel minimalistic garage riffs the way billy childish used to. the vocals are dressed in distortion and immediacy and there's pleasing splashes of noise and synth trickery at the margins as the songs threaten to implode in on themselves. imagine the country teasers devoid of the abject misanthropy and replaced with a pop seam that squirts out at the edges like a fresh donut.”
- EP review from Rough Trade Records
“I’ve had to review a load of “difficult” experimental records all day and my brain is totally mashed so I’m delighted to pick up a couple of gems so late in the day when morale throughout the office was really on the wane. I’ve not heard these Wobbly Lamps before but they’re peddling garage pop in the vein of King Khan & The Shrines or the most recent Intelligence album. They sound like they’ve been listening to the Moonhearts and Marked Men and those kinds of ‘60s-pop-with-a-boot-up-its-arse bands who’ve been making my life better in recent years.

Thinking about it, it’s strange to see a band from England actually pulling off this kind of summer holiday garage aesthetic so well...’Alice the Goon’ on the B side is a swaggering Make Up-meets-Crampsy number, and all three tracks on here are brilliantly judged garage pop with totally uplifting ‘60s vocal harmonies far too bright to be obscured by any amount of fuzz. Despite the gnarliness of the tones the compositions are kept simple and spacious and the tunes are always boss. More please!”
– Five out of five EP review from Norman Records


Wobbly Lamps - 7" EP (Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records)

Wobbly Lamps

7" EP

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records


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