Vive Le Rock - Issue 3 - 2011
'Vive Le Rock - Issue 3 - 2011'
Featuring Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Brian Setzer, Sid Vicious, Michael Davis / MC5, The Descendents, Danzig, The Cute Lepers, The Fall, Cockney Rejects, Hellbound Glory, Lars Frederiksen, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Clash's London, Sisters Of Mercy, Allen McGee, T-Model Ford, The Undertones, Exene Cervenka, The Vaccines, Beatsteaks, Glam Rock, Nick Cave, Stiv Bators, Poly Styrene, Live Reviews, CD, DVD & Book Reviews and Much More Plus Free 15 Track CD


Vive Le Rock - Issue 3 - 2011

Vive Le Rock Magazine
2011 - No 3

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