Various Artists - 'Leather Soul - Volume 1' - CD
Various Artists - 'Leather Soul - Volume 1' - CD
- (00SOUL - CD1) -
1. ''Game Over'' - Howlin' Wilf

S.H. - "Howlin' Wilf is better known as James Hunter - he's probably the best contemporary White Blues and Soul Artist?! "Game Over" is from an album that was released on Hound Dog Records which was a label I ran with Mark Brennan of Link Records and Captain Oi. "
2. "Soulful Dress" - Shine Eye

S.H. - "SHiNE EYE is our Stripped Down Stompin' Band with Northern Soul gal Dee SHiNE EYE. I always loved this Sugar Pie De Santo tune and I knew it was right for us."

3. "That Don't Worry Me (Unplugged Version)" - Dollar Bill

S.H. - "Dollar Bill plays as a One Man Blues Band in the Tradition of Dr Ross, Jessie Fuller and Juke Boy Bonner but in a smoother style reminiscent of Jimmy Reed. This is an unplugged version of "That Don't Worry Me" - his well known single."

4. "Dynamo" - Si Cranstoun

S.H. - "It has been writen elsewhere but I think it's safe say that Si Cranstoun channels Jackie Wilson? He's the smoothest geezer in Rock 'n' roll AND Ska and "Dynamo" has been a massive dancefloor hit for him."
5. "Dark End Of The Street" - The Ugly Guys

S.H. - "Three of my oldest friends - Paul Shuttleworth and Vic Collins of The Kursaal Flyers and Bobby Clouter from The Orioles, Legend and Der Grosse Mickey Jupp band are members of The Ugly Guys who take their version of "Dark End Of The Street" from the Flying Buritto Brothers rather than James Carr which is just the kind of genre hopping we try to encourage!"
6. "Doldrums" - The Skabilly Rebels

S.H. - "Roddy Radiation is another bloke who flies his own flag away from The Specials with The Skabilly Rebels. "Doldrums" owes as much to Jones and Strummer as it does to Hank Williams or Lee Perry!"
7. "Burning Song " - Jonah Gold and His Silver Apples

S.H. - "Jonah Gold And His Silver Apples are the only European band on our compilation - they're German but "Burning Song" could be by Jim Dickerson or R.L. Burnside!"
8. "Lovers Curse" - Fagin

S.H. - "Although Bracey Everetts 1958 "Lovers Curse" was released by Atlantic Records it's always been a Rockin' DJ favorite - I always though it could cross over hence this version from Fagin (R.I.P.) backed by Boz and Studio Friends is hardly out of place here."
9. "Take A Heart" - The Most

S.H. - "No Soul or Rhythm 'n' Blues album would be complete without a Scooter Boy Band from Essex and The Most didn't disappoint by recording The Sorrows "Take A Heart" for us!"
10. "Steel Sedan (Shine Eye Version)" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "People say we have an Estuary here NOT a Delta which is perhaps why we often give our Bottleneck Slashers a Garage Soul Backbeat! We Recorded this as a warm up for the SHiNE EYE session that yielded 'Mocking Bird' and 'Soulful Dress!'"
Notes by Steve Hooker (S.H.)


Various Artists - 'Leather Soul - Volume 1' - CD

''Leather Soul - Volume 1'' - CD
Various Artists

10 Track CD

Cat No:
00SOUL - CD1


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Various Artists - 'Leather Soul - Volume 1' - CD
Various Artists - 'Leather Soul - Volume 1' - CD WHERE THE BOP MEETS THE BUZZ
- Steve Hooker. Southchurch 2011.




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