Southend Fringe Festival - June 6th - June 26th, 2009

2009 sees the launch of Southend Fringe Festival, encompassing music, dance, performance, comedy, theatre, workshops, talks, walks, photography, fine art, sculpture, cabaret, film, community events and more.

Southend Fringe festival is coming this summer to compliment the already successful and vibrant Southend Festival run by South East Essex College. Like Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, the Southend Fringe is un-curated, which means that anyone with a good idea and the dedication to make it happen can put on their own event and get involved!
Southend Fringe Program of events for 2009 is:
June 6th Opening craft fair in Chalkwell Park, Westcliff
June 7th Steve Hooker and The Mojo Kings at Club Riga, Westcliff
June 11th Kursaal Vaudeville (Feat. The Voronas) at The Kursaal Function Suite, Southend
June 11th Remedy (Jazz/Swing/Blues) at Bar Lambs, Westcliff
June 13th Bubblegum Records (Various outside events), High Street, Southend
June 14th The Pan I Am at Bar Lambs, Westcliff
June 15th Chase Road Community Project, Southend
June 18th 'Anti-folk Night' (Feat. MJ Hibbert, Deferred Success, Charlot Webster, Tumbledryer Babies and Breaking Glass) at Chinnery’s, Southend
June 19th 'Young Guns vs The Old Guard' (Feat. The Get, Syd & The Small Kids, The Stolen Jackets + Sicknurse) at The Ship, Leigh on sea
June 19th Woyzek at The Alex, Southend
June 19th Theoretical Girl for Culture as a Dare at Cobham Lodge, Westcliff
June 20th Panic! at The Railway, Southend
June 20th Woyzek at The Alex, Southend
June 20th Steve Hooker at The Kings Head, Rochford
June 21st The Brownies at Saks, Southend
June 25th Devilish Presley and The Voronas at Club Riga, Westcliff
June 26th Grand Finale at Bar Lambs, Westcliff

For Further Information, Please Visit:
Southend Fringe Official Website
Southend Fringe Official MySpace Site
Southend Fringe Festival - June 6th - June 26th, 2009


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