Steve Hooker - 'Southchurch Style' - CD
Steve Hooker - 'Southchurch Style' - CD
1988 - 1995
1. "Pushing Too Hard" - Steve Hooker with Dick Taylor (1992)

S.H. - "I worked on an album with Dick Taylor and Phil May of the Pretty Things. As Phil never learned the songs - I played rhythm guitar and sang guide vox on several tracks. This is one of those rough mixes."
2. "I Want To Talk To You" - Steve Hooker and Wilko Johnson (1988)

S.H. - "Wilko wanted to write a song together similar to the bar room rockabilly Bob Dylan was playing."

3. "Creepy John" - Boz And The Bozmen (1989)
S.H. - "Boz And The Bozmen were short of material - I rearranged this Spider John Koerner song I remembered from the 60's Chess blues style."

4. "Run Through The Jungle" - Steve Hooker 'n' Mates (1995)

S.H. - "Recorded for a John Fogerty tribute."
5. "It's All Over Now" - Steve Hooker and Wilko Johnson (1988)

S.H. - "The A side of our single which has been released in Germany, France and Japan."
6. "Motorcycle Ditch" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "Benchmark version from the London Rodeo."
7. "I Don't Believe You" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "Re-cut of the Shakers tune."
8. "Toledo Road" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "From the lost film soundtrack."
9. "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down" - Boz And The Bozmen (1988)

S.H. - "A favorite Merle Haggard song I took to the Bozmen."
10. "(She Talks In A) Southern Accent" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "From the original vinyl "Southchurch EP"."
11. "Straight From The Hip" - Steve Hooker

S.H. - "Usually the cue for a Non Filter Gitane!"
Notes by Steve Hooker (S.H.)


Steve Hooker - 'Southchurch Style' - CD

'Southchurch Style'
Steve Hooker

11 Track CD

Cat No:
CD - SH011


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Steve Hooker -- Notes on The Tracks:
Steve Hooker - 'Southchurch Style' - CD Speaking to Steve Hooker about this compilation, he said "A lot of ground was covered between France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and the UK with Wilko Johnson, Boz And The Bozmen and the Hooker Band."

"Most of these eleven tracks were recorded with the same two guitars between two favorite Girls."

Notes on Photo:

"The artwork is the same as the vinyl "Southchurch EP."

- Steve Hooker. Southchurch 2015.




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