Steve Hooker - 'Shakers Really Gone Remastered' - CD
Steve Hooker - 'Shakers Really Gone Remastered'
1982 - 1984
1. "Poison"

S.H. - "B side of Rambert Records single."
2. "Nothing But Talk"

S.H. - "Pumped up for Rambert Records 'Chance Encounter' compilation."

3. "(She's) Afraid To Come"

S.H. - "Mickey Jupp liked this one - he wanted to add piano to it."

4. "Temptation Walk"

S.H. - "Single on Waterfront. Wilko recorded this on his TEAC Four Track...We had a lot of fun with the mixes!"
5. "Catch On"

S.H. - "Waterfront Records B-Side. One of my better known songs."
6. "Dress in Black"

S.H. - "Outtake from the 'Temptation Walk' sessions."
7. "You Don't have to tell me"
8. "Run Rudolf Run"

S.H. - "These Two were recorded as Bonus Tracks for the 'Really Gone' album."
9. "R.E.S.P.E.C.T."

S.H. - "The other Waterfront Records B-Side Track."
Notes by Steve Hooker (S.H.)


Steve Hooker - 'Shakers Really Gone Remastered' - CD

'Shakers Really Gone Remastered'
Steve Hooker

9 Track CD

Cat No:
CD - SH004


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To be released as downloads via iTunes. A very limited pressing cd will be available to friends and fans, musicians involved and radio stations.
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Steve Hooker -- Notes on The Tracks:
Steve Hooker - 'Shakers Really Gone Remastered' - CDSpeaking to Steve Hooker about this compilation, he said "After almost three years since the Wax Records single it was a relief to re-establish myself on Vinyl and Radio with The Shakers. We had clawed out a niche in London and the East of France and toured with Chuck Berry by the time we recorded for Waterfront Records."

"Of the 14 Studio tracks done between 1982 and 1984, 8 included here made it onto the Lolita Records (France) 'Really Gone' album. '(She's) Afraid to Come' is from a demo tape."

Notes on Photo:

"The photo was taken from the stage at The Hope 'n' Anchor, Islington on September 15th, 1981. It was a quiet Tuesday night - Dennis Jackson, Dickie Boy, Paul Farmer and a few others made the trip from Southend!"

- Steve Hooker. Southchurch 2008.




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