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Reunion Begins With a Glass of Mercury - 22.12.07
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'Reunion Begins with a Glass of Mercury' - Siouxsie

The Fifth Southend Punk Reunion Gathering took place on Saturday December 22nd 2007 and was another great evening. Giacomino Parkinson of Southend Sites ,The Dim Locator and David Reddihough took some cool shots of the evening - see the above galleries for the photographs.

Punks both past and present and from all eras attended - including known representatives from such bands as The Kronstadt Uprising, The Get, The Sinyx, The Prey, Stripey Zebras and more.

On the night Social Schism (standing in for The Convicted at literally a few hours notice), The Optic Nerves (with The Convicted's Paul on guest vocals for a couple of songs) and Southend's first Punk band, The Machines, all performed to an enthusiastic crowd, helping celebrate 30 years of Punk, as well as drinking a toast to 2007, which was a great year for Southend Punk in general, culminating in this special event. Indeed, it seemed only fitting that as The Machines played their first ever gig in Westcliff in the year of Punk, 1977, that they now played again in Westcliff in 2007, so once more songs such as 'You Better Hear', 'True Life' etc could be heard to rise and reverberate.

Apologies to anyone whom we didn't manage to make contact with, or photograph at the event.

Enjoy the Galleries.

Thanks to Andi Schurer, all the bands, all the Photographers, Bar Lambs and everyone who came for helping make it a magical night.

Steve Pegrum, January 21st 2008

(NB - If anyone has any further media from the event that they would like to contribute then please get in touch via the site's main email address - similarly if anyone doesn't want their Picture represented here, then get in touch also and I'll remove it)

And Finally...

Something we never had back in the day, but we do now, is You Tube, and some very raw clips of the night (Including an instrumental song by The Optic Nerves and an extended version of 'Chain Gang' by The Machines) can be found on's YouTube presence - these can be viewed by Clicking Here.

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