R.A.R.E - Rock and Roll Expressionists - Tyla, Nick Reynolds, Gaye Black, Tom Spencer, Vince Ray - November 30th - December 4th 2009, Resistance Gallery, London
R.A.R.E - Rock and Roll Expressionists - Tyla, Nick Reynolds, Gaye Black, Tom Spencer, Vince Ray - November 30th - December 4th 2009, Resistance Gallery, London
R.A.R.E. - Rock And Roll Expressionists 30.11.09 - 04.12.09 @ Resistance Gallery, London, L-R: Tyla, Nick Reynolds, Gaye Black, Tom Spencer & Vince Ray
R.A.R.E. : Rock And Roll Expressionists 30.11.09 - 04.12.09 @ Resistance Gallery, London
L-R: Tyla, Nick Reynolds, Gaye Black, Tom Spencer, Vince Ray

As the nights draw in and the temperature disappears into the minuses, there isn't much to inspire us Londoners to enter out into the dark ripperesque streets of East London. However at the wonderfully unique Resistance Gallery, a group of musicians-come-artists-come-musicians have something very special in store to show you - so why not come and take a peek?

It's not often that you can go to an exhibition where the artists themselves are nearly as exciting to look at as the exhibits on display. So imagine being in a room with the offspring of a legendary bank robber - Nick Reynolds - who specialises in the ancient art of death masks, and who also happens to be in Alabama 3? Or how about meeting a modern day dandy, the original Dog D'Amour, Tyla, whose worldly travels, wild imagination and wayward experiences are intrinsically exorcised through his poetry, songs and exquisite artwork? What about meeting the former lady punk Gaye Black, whose sultry dark eyes and bass lines were the epitome of cool in The Adverts back in '77, and whose dreams and nightmares are retold through her unique art sometimes with the use of human remains? Then there is always the chance of meeting the iconic godfather of all things rockabilly merchandise-wise, Vince Ray, whose Midas touch has left its mark on practically every cool cat around the globe, and who also tours regularly with the Boneshakers and the Vincent Razorbacks? And last but not least, how about having a drink with a geezer, Tom Spencer, who is not only the guitarist of more bands than you can count on one hand, but whose tattoo stained glass designs are so dastardly that if the devil had a church, he would get this guy to do the windows?

Sounds tempting? Then come see the work and hear the sounds of the Rock And Roll Expressionists.

The week-long bonanza of aural pleasure and visual glory dates are
· Monday 30th November (invite only) - featuring The RARE house band!
· Tuesday 1st - The Loyalties + Vince Ray and the Boneshakers
· Wednesday 2nd - TV Smith (the Adverts) + Nick Reynolds, Alabama 3 (plus special guests)
· Thursday 3rd - Tyla and the Dogs
· Friday 4th - The event concludes with the return of the RARE house band and an extra late bar!!!

The event is sponsored by TUK shoes and Triibe, so there will be complimentary drinks on certain nights, served by ravishing Rarities Mam'zelle Maz and Miss Miranda.

Because places are limited every evening, for guaranteed admission to a specific night, please e-mail resistancegallery@yahoo.co.uk Put 'tickets please' in the subject bar and give your name(s) for the guest list.

This is a RARE chance to see Rock'n'Roll art in a Rock'n'Roll environment.

More about the featured artists:

Nick Reynolds has experienced life on both sides of the law, from being on the run with his Great Train Robber father, to serving in the Navy during the Falklands War. He specialises in the ancient art of making death masks and he also runs the UK's only company that makes them. He has cast many well-known faces, including Grace Jones, Ronnie Biggs and Howard Marks. The last death mask he made was that of an executed prisoner in Texas and was featured in the death row show and film '402.' Now not many people can lay claim to that! He also plays in Alabama 3 and has recorded with other artists including Zodiac Mindwarp, Seal and Lily Allen, to name but a few.
More info: www.memorialcasts.com

Tyla is the legendary frontman of those ramshackle pirates The Dogs D'Amour. Blood thirsty, wine thirsty, excess thirsty - this man's life has taken him around the world, out of this universe and dropped him down to earth again. In lyrical abundance, he has put his 9 lives and more to music. When he picks up a paintbrush he has the ability to express himself in a sort of artistic purgatory floating somewhere between fantasy and reality. His famous album covers are iconic, usually featuring merry'n'mischievous rock'n'roll caricatures who are up to no good, downing goblets of wine with their trademark oversized hands. His most famous character is that of his guitar man who has appeared in many pieces of art over the years and is a legend in himself. Expect to see him and many other delectable delights on display at the exhibition.
More info: www.myspace.com/tylasarttavern

Gaye Black was the bassist for The Adverts, a four-piece band who started up in London at the beginning of the UK Punk Rock scene, in early 1977. Since putting down her bass, Gaye has turned her hand to a wide variety of artistic mediums in order to express her personal experiences from both reality and dreams. Her portfolio of art is nothing short of a cornucopia of eclectic pieces which incorporate her own photographs and hair, as well as teeth and bones from the banks of the Thames. The show will include new wunderkammer-style enclosed pieces.
More info: www.myspace.com/gayeblack

Vince Ray: in between shaking his stuff, Vince Ray is somewhat of a living illustration legend. He designs album covers, mugs, guitars, T-shirts - even toilet seats, with his mutant mix of rockabilly, glam and goth humour. Amidst an array of everything Ray, our Cramps love child will be transforming some of his cyber-work from Photoshop onto canvas. He will also be exhibiting some wonderful collectable screen prints, which were made for shows in place of the traditional gig flyers - you see: everything he does is unique!
More info: www.vinceray.com

Tom Spencer has been making his stained glass windows for the past 10 years. His work is inspired by his colourful life as a touring musician, cartoon artist and tattooist - these are rather unique and cool windows! Not surprisingly, his work has been commissioned by many bars, shops and clubs. He also plays the guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo for various bands, including The Lurkers, The Yo-Yo's, The Dogs D'Amour, The Loyalties, The Men They Couldn't Hang and Fastlane Roogalator.
More info: www.tattooglass.com

R.A.R.E - Rock and Roll Expressionists - Tyla, Nick Reynolds, Gaye Black, Tom Spencer, Vince Ray - November 30th - December 4th 2009, Resistance Gallery, London
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