Playlist: Mark Saunders
Punk Rock
1. New Rose The Damned
2. Neat Neat Neat The Damned
3. Problems Sex Pistols
4. Stone Heroes Penetration
5. Screaming in The Darkness Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls
6. Smash it Up The Damned
7. Thundertunes Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls
8. Judgement Day Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls
9. Free Money Penetration
10. Hanging Around The Stranglers
11. Life's a Gamble Penetration
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division
13. Stretcher Case The Damned
14. One Chord Wonders The Adverts
15. Love Song The Damned
16. Memories Public Image Limited
17. Too Many Friends Penetration
18. My Perfect Cousin The Undertones
19. Holidays in the sun Sex Pistols
20. Drinking About My Baby The Damned
21. So Messed Up The Damned
22. Top of The Pops The Rezillos
23. Straighten Out The Stranglers
24. VD Boiler Johnny Moped
25. Quickstep The Adverts
26. Boredom Buzzcocks
27. Into The Future... The Vibrators
28. Peasant in The Big Shitty The Stranglers
29. Shout Above The Noise Penetration
30. Incendiary Device Johnny Moped
31. Slip Away Ultravox
32. Wild Breed Johnny Moped
33. Panic Button Johnny Moped
34. Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols
35. In The City The Jam
36. Into The Valley The Skids
37. Orgasm Addict Buzzcocks
38. Pure Mania The Vibrators
39. Teenage Kicks The Undertones
40. Sheena is a Punk Rocker The Ramones
41. Bored Teenagers The Adverts
42. Whips and Furs The Vibrators
43. Safety in Numbers The Adverts
44. Ready Steady Go Generation X
45. Shot by Both Sides Magazine
46. Blank Generation Richard Hell and The Voidoids
47. Gary Gilmore's Eyes The Adverts
48. Mongoloid Devo
49. On The Crest The Electric Chairs
50. Statue of Liberty XTC
Punk Rock


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