The Clash & The Damned - Live at The Lacy Lady, Ilford, UK - 1976 - Flyer

The Clash & The Damned - Live at The Lacy Lady, Ilford, UK - 1976 - Flyer
Care of The Chris Dench Archive
Speaking to Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove recently, he mentioned this flyer that his friend Chris Dench had, which he has kindly let Southend put on the site. He further said: 'This flyer belongs to a friend of mine called Chris Dench. He was at those gigs.The Subway Sect supported The Clash, and the Pub Rock band, Roogalator, supported The Damned. The Damned went off briefly after the first song because the drummer put talc on the snare and it went everywhere. They came back on I understand.'

Also 'Chris Hill told me that they were the only two Punk nights there. I asked Chris what music he deejayed but he said that he just compered the night. There had only been one or two Punk records made by then', and 'As you know, the Bromley Contingent were all Soul Boys/Girls (the fashion coming before the music) and were regulars at the Goldmine and then the Lacy, when Chris moved there in early 76. Chris Hill reckons that Mick Jones was one of the best dancers on the Soul nights (in his finest Westwood clothes! ??). Both Siouxsie and John Lydon mention the Soul nights... It was Bernie as a regular that talked Chris in to putting them on on that Thursday!'

Thanks to Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove for the information.



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