Safety Pins and Leopard Skin Gallery:
Kim's Gallery
Punk Rock
Kim - 1984
Kim and Gary
Kim, Darren and Enzo
Kim and Friend
Kim in the Swag Toilet
Kim and Grant
Russel, Kim and Grant
Kim and Grant
Kim and Friend
Kim and Brian
Ant, Mim, Kim, Paul and Russ
Kim - 1986
Lorraine and Kim at The Swag
Kim and Paul Mills
Darren and Kim
Nigel, Paul and Hoots
Paul and Kim
Kim and Jimmi
Kim and friends in Ipswich
Nigel, Jimmi and Paul
Ipswich Bill, Paul, Nigel, anonymous, Jimmi and Mandy
Ipswich crew
Kim and the Ipswich Girls
Nigel and Lorraine
Nigel and Kim
Martin and Kim
Punk Rock



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