Playlist: Johnny Anderson
Punk Rock
1. No Fun Sex Pistols
2. God Save The Queen Sex Pistols
3. Gangland The Violators
4. People Action Pact
5. Low Life 4 Skins
6. Butcher Baby Plasmatics
7. Fashion Parade Instant Agony
8. Kill The Poor Dead Kennedys
9. Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys
10. Outlaw Chron Gen
11. Anarchy in The UK Sex Pistols
12. No Room For You Demob
13. Smash it Up The Damned
14. Golden Brown The Stranglers
15. Holidays in The Sun Sex Pistols
16. I'm an Upstart Angelic Upstarts
17. Dead Cities The Exploited
18. F*** A Mod The Exploited
19. Computers Don't Blunder The Exploited
20. Johnny Hit and Run Paulene X
21. Gary Gilmore's Eyes The Adverts
22. Sid Vicious Was Innocent The Exploited
23. London Bouncers Action Pact
24. I've Got a Gun Channel 3
25. Persons Unknown Poison Girls
26. Woman Anti Nowhere League
27. Rocker Anti Nowhere League
28. London Calling The Clash
29. It's Not a Dream Paranoid Visions
30. The Masque The Dark
31. Warhead UK Subs
32. No Room For You Demob
33. Dogs of War The Exploited
34. Teenage Warning Angelic Upstarts
35. Attack The Exploited
36. Fallen Hero The Enemy
37. Army Life The Exploited
38. Give Me Fire GBH
39. Life Disorder
40. Boredom The Buzzcocks
41. No Doves Fly Here The Mob
42. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone? Slaughter and The Dogs
43. Hobby For a Day The Wall
44. Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols
45. Troops of Tomorrow The Exploited
46. U.S.A The Exploited
47. Police State UK Subs
48. Dead Hero The Samples
49. Viva La Revolution The Adicts
50. Sick Boy GBH
51. Stab The Judge One Way System
Punk Rock


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