'Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore - 1985-1989' by Ian Glasper

'Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore - 1985-1989'
by Ian Glasper

Punk Rock

Emerging from the wreckage of the Anarcho-Punk scene, underground hardcore music in the UK took its influences from the punk bands of the early Eighties, the nascent American hardcore wave breaking across British shores and the emerging metal/punk crossover scene. Filter such intense sounds through some fiercely DIY aesthetics, a thriving tape-trading culture and an oft-skewed sense of humour and the result was a potent movement that spawned such seminal acts as Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, the Stupids, Electro Hippies, Doom and Heresy. Such acts quickly carved their names into the annals of alternative music and made 'UK Hardcore' a term respected around the world.

Trapped In A Scene: UK Hardcore 1985-1989 is the long awaited final installment in Ian Glasper's trilogy examining hardcore punk in the UK during the 1980s. Like 'Burning Britain' and 'The Day The Country Died' it is based on first hand accounts and is illustrated by never-seen-before photographs and rare gig flyers, making it the definitive document on UK Hardcore.
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'Trapped In A Scene - UK Hardcore - 1985-1989'

Ian Glasper

Publisher: Cherry Red Books (2009)

ISBN: 1901447618



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