Guy Middleton - R.I.P.
Guy Middleton 7th February 1967 - 10th January 2023
7th February 1967 - 10th January 2023
Guy drummed for Allegiance to No-One and The Cat Jugglers from 1985 to June 1990.

Having lost a drummer and bass player in late 1984, Allegiance to No-One’s remaining members (Andy Brown and Mike Wallace) swiftly recruited Guy and John Edwards (Bass) into the band. Guy’s was a chance meeting with Andy and Mike at The Grand Hotel in Leigh. The Grand Hotel was the band’s favourite watering hole as well as a great venue for bands; Allegiance to No-One played there many times.

It became apparent that Guy, (then aged 18) was the right person for the job during their 1st gig at Southend Airport’s function suite in Feb 1985. Halfway through the gig a message was passed to the band to turn the volume down as Air Traffic Control were having trouble communicating with pilots. This “complaint” was testament to Guy’s playing style and how hard he would hit his drums. Guy was the perfect punk rock drummer, aided by the custom snare drum that his Dad made for him and his “play it loud” attitude with limbs, sticks and cymbals often a blur of new wave flamboyance .

With Guy on the drums, Allegiance to No-One played many gigs at local and London venues (The Rock Garden, Mean Fiddler, George Robey, The Oval etc) and Guy stayed on when the band morphed into The Cat Jugglers.

As well as being a great drummer, Guy was also a nice bloke and great mate. We (the band) had some fantastic times together, both gigging and socially. A couple of South of France road trips were stand out events. There are too many incidents and accidents to list here, but as expected, Guy was usually at the centre of these. He was a football fan, supporting Spurs as well as a petrolhead before the term was even invented. As he worked in car insurance, so never had a problem getting insurance cover for his fast cars. We’ll remember his lime green RS2000 and most of us never got in it more than once. He drove like he drummed!!

Guy’s final gig was at The Top Alex in August 2017. Guy, Andy and John played an Allegiance set (Mike now lives in Australia) at a birthday party. Guy could still do it and never held back.

Thanks for being a great mate and fantastic drummer.

Andy, Mike and John.
Guy Middleton 7th February 1967 - 10th January 2023



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