Playlist: Gary Smith
Punk Rock
1. Johnny Was Stiff Little Fingers
2. Rockaway Beach The Ramones
3. One Chord Wonders The Adverts
4. God Save The Queen Sex Pistols
5. White Man in Hammersmith Palais The Clash
6. Twelve Men Chelsea
7. I Can't Get No Satisfaction The Residents
8. I Hate The Rich The Dils
9. Regulations Neon Hearts
10. This Perfect Day The Saints
11. Human Error The Subhumans
12. How Does it Feel? Crass
13. John Wayne Was a Nazi MDC
14. Dresden Style Swell Maps
15. Heidi's Head Kleenex
16. Pills The Lurkers
17. Decontrol Discharge
18. New Town The Slits
19. Nowhere Fast Girls at Our Best
20. For My Country UK Decay
21. California Uber Alles Dead Kennedys
22. Venus de Milo Television
23. Get Over You The Undertones
24. New Town People Newtown Neurotics
25. Dear John Au Pairs
26. No Survivors GBH
27. Easy Way Out The Adicts
28. Streets of London Anti Nowhere League
29. Stark Raving Normal The Blood
30. Criminal Ways Case
31. First Time The Boys
32. Friends of Mine The Buzzcocks
33. Flares and Slippers Cockney Rejects
34. Shot by Both Sides Magazine
35. Tube Disasters Flux of Pink Indians
36. Legion Theatre of Hate
37. Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder The Membranes
38. Give 'Em Time The Nightingales
39. I Am The Fly Wire
40. I Ain't Bin to No Music School The Nosebleeds
41. Screwed Up Menace
42. Another Girl, Another Planet The Only Ones
43.(I'm in Love with) Margaret Thatcher The Not Sensibles
44. Love Song The Damned
45. Action Time Vision Alternative TV
46. Hungry Men No Longer Steal Sheep But Are There Hanging Judges? The Dole
47. That Man The Fall
48. She is Beyond Evil The Pop Group
49. Warhead UK Subs
50. Nasty Nasty 999
Punk Rock


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