'Beyond Punk' - Curated by Gaye Advert - August 13th - August 21st 2010, Signal Gallery, London
'Beyond Punk' - Curated by Gaye Advert - August 13th - August 21st 2010, Signal Gallery, London
Evil Squirrel by Gaye AdvertA visit to the upcoming 'Beyond Punk' exhibition curated by Gaye Advert at The Signal Gallery in London this August should certainly be added to anyones diary whom has ever been emotionally engaged by Punk. I had a chat with Gaye the other day about the show and what inspired her to curate it, and she said: "When the guys at Signal suggested I curate a show I thought it would be interesting to bring together (ex) punk musicians who are artists, as I knew a few, eg Knox, Charlie and Chris, and the more I looked into it, the more I found, and by including some people who are primarily artists but were involved/influenced by punk, I thought we could get a really interesting mix."

In relation to the pieces that'll be featured, Gaye said: "The works range from paintings (Knox, Charlie, Chris, Gee, Guy, Youth, Phil, Shanne and Guy) to drawings (Adam, Dee, Nick), to wood carvings (Steve), to silk screens on metal (Shepard) to collage (me). Some people are still working on their pieces. I am planning to put in my 'Christening' piece (logistics permitting) which contains my christening dress and an ancient photo of me modelling it!). I have had a few requests to include Evil Squirrel, a corpsepainted rubber toy in a bell jar amidst blood and bones, so he might make an appearance. I am also working on a series of 'black metal eyes' small resin coated boards with photos of Norwegian black metal band members' eyes collaged onto skulls, so I might include some of them too."
- Steve

Signal Gallery is delighted to present ‘Beyond Punk’ featuring the artwork of punk musicians, artists associated with punk bands and artistic friends of punk. The legendary bassist from The Adverts, Gaye Advert, curates the exhibition, which will gather together a fantastic collection of ‘hell raising’ talent.

From the outset, the punk movement was about more than just music. The punk ‘look’ was as vibrant and ‘shocking’. Many punk musicians started their creative lives as visual artists who, one day, found themselves playing a guitar, bashing a drum or shouting into a microphone and before they knew it, they had recording contracts and gigs booked well into the future. The result of this musical success was that their artwork took a back seat. Over time, many of these musicians have returned to their creative roots and started producing artworks again. This rich wellspring of visual talent will be the centerpiece of the ‘Beyond Punk’ exhibition.

The line up speaks for itself: Adam Ant (Adam & the Ants), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Chris Brief (The Briefs), Dale Grimshaw, Dee Generate (Eater), Gaye Black (Adverts), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols), Knox (Vibrators), Nick Taggart (Zkrr Zkretna), Philip Barker (Buzzcocks), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), Shanne Bradley (Nipple Erectors), Shepard Fairey, Steve Ignorant (Crass) and Youth (Killing Joke). And more…

‘Beyond Punk’ will reflect the richly varied inventive world that has grown up around the punk movement over the past thirty-five years. In an age when the young find it increasingly hard to achieve new ways to shock their elders, nostalgia for the simple but effective ‘fuck off’ of punk is very strong. Those musicians and artists involved in the movement are being recognized as the last ’lost’ generation.

- Text from Exhibition Press Release


August 12th - Private View (Invite Only)
August 13th - 21st - Open to Public

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