Playlist: Bill Bailey
Punk Rock
1. Isgodaman Snivelling Shits (as Arthur Comics?)
2. For Adolfs Only The Valves
3. Zyklon B Zombie Throbbing Gristle
4. Vampire Dread The Get
5. No Survivors Speedball
6. March on London OOO
7. I Hate People Anti Nowhere League
8. I Am a Dalek Art Attacks
9. You Gotta Know Bee Bee Cee
10. Get Your Woofin' Dog Off Me The Jerks
11. In The Army Blah Blah Blah
12. Let's Go Blitzkrieg Bop
13. Anti-Social Skrewdriver
14. Christmas Album (All of it) The Yobs
15. Nag Nag Nag Cabaret Voltaire
16. Axe The Tax The Cannibals
17. Nadine The Cannibals
18. Good Guys The Cannibals
19. Paralytic Confusion The Cannibals
20. Magical Carpet Ride The Cannibals
21. Kings of Trash Five Young Cannibals
22. Fourteenth Floor Television Personalities
23. Part Time Punks Television Personalities
24. Where's Bill Grundy Now Television Personalities
25. Waltz of The Fool Le Mat
26. The Closet Teenage Jesus and The Jerks
27. Slogan SPK
28. You and You DNA
29. Five Track EP The Door and The Window
30. Bone Idol The Drones
31. Alternative The Exploited
32. Free Range The Fall
33. It's My Life The Gorillas
34. First EP Half Japanese
35. Preposterous Tales I Ludicrous
36. Nothing But Talk Steve Hooker and The Shakers
37. Bones of Elvis Inner City Unit
38. Nei Nei Nei Kjott
39. Private Plane Thomas Leer
40. Greasy Joe's Cafe Legs Akimbo
41. Ain't Got a Clue The Lurkers
42. Shadow The Lurkers
43. Paris Marquis Metal Urbain
44. Slaves Metabolist
45. Dreams of Desire Steve Miro and The Eyes
46. No One Johnny Moped
47. Warm Leatherette The Normal
48. The Oink Song The Oinklettes
49. Dirty Pictures The Radio Stars
50. 6,000 Crazy Spizz Oil
Punk Rock


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