'77 Sulphate Strip' - An Eye Witness Account of the Year That Changed Everything...by Barry Cain

'77 Sulphate Strip' - An Eye Witness Account of the Year That Changed Everything...
by Barry Cain

Punk Rock

If you were reading about punk in 1977 the chances are you read some of Barry Cain’s words. As a young writer on Record Mirror he was perfectly placed to take part in, and report on, the punk scene.

’77 Sulphate Strip is his eyewitness account of the year and features behind-the-scenes stories of how the year unfolded – by a player at the centre of the vortex. It started for Cain when he interviewed the Sex Pistols at EMI the day before the Bill Grundy appearance on Thames TV. The book also features interviews with The Stranglers, The Clash, The Damned, The Ramones, The Vibrators, The Tubes, The Jam, Blondie, X-Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, The Boys, Sham 69, The Drones, XTC, Television, Generation X, The Heartbreakers, Alternative TV, Ian Dury, Radiators From Space.

’77 Sulphate Strip is packed with insights, anecdotes and great stories. Open it at any page and start reading and we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

The book doesn’t end with the eyewitness account of 1977. Thirty years on, Cain re-interviewed John Lydon, Hugh Cornwell and Rat Scabies exclusively for the book. These extended interviews run for more than 100 pages and rise above being mere nostalgia. By asking Lydon, Cornwell and Scabies to comment on the original interviews Cain manages to coax unique insights from each of them.


"entertaining look back at the momentous events of 1977....The story is effectively brought up to date with a series of contemporary interviews, including a notably spiky encounter with John Lydon"
Uncut Magazine, July 2007

A feature length interview with John appears in the new book 77 Sulphate Strip by former Record Mirror journalist Barry Cain. Barry takes a look back at the musical events of 1977; and brings the story up to date with a new interview conducted in LA last year. Barry first interviewed John when the Sex Pistols signed to EMI and went onto cover various Pistols live shows through 1977; along with the US tour of 1978. Be warned. The book doesn't solely concentrate on the Sex Pistols but as you well know Mr Rotten is no member of the "punk pack". There is the Sex Pistols and there is the rest... And there is Mr Rotten and there is the rest... JohnLydon.Com heartily recommends you check out 77 Sulphate Strip. We guarantee you'll find a truly unique 30+ page interview with Mr Rotten. A heady mix of cantankerous mischief and content. Laced with revelations you won't read elsewhere. "57 varieties of talk soup" to quote the man himself,
Johnlydon.com, Sept, 2007

Author Biography
Barry Cain grew up in North London attending Owen's School in Islington. He worked on Record Mirror and others music mags before dabling in PR (for Blondie amongst others). But he was quickly drawn back into music publishing and launched the cult-classic magazines Flexipop and X-Rated as well as a string of poster mags and finally PS (Popshop) which he sold to Robert Maxwell. He now works as a writer and publisher and still lives in North London with his wife and family.


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'77 Sulphate Strip' - An Eye Witness Account of the Year That Changed Everything...

Barry Cain

Publisher: Ovolo Books (2007)

ISBN: 978-0-9548674-9-2



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