Various Artists: 'Any Love is Good Love' CD
Various Artists: 'Any Love is Good Love' - CD
- Released May 27th, 2013 -
Liminal noise Tapes / CD Label
CD Track Listing:
1. Ste McCabe - 'Huyton Scum'
2. Death of the Elephant - 'Locas'
3. Mary Cigarettes - 'I'm Not a Bad Girl'
4. SaltyLips - 'Valentine's Day'
5. The Get - 'You Gotta Wear a Dress'
6. Art Gruppe - 'I Will Not Survive'
7. Karmadillo - 'Listen to George Takei'
8. Toska Wilde - 'Hard as Nailvarnish'
9. Das Wanderlust - 'Sailors'
10. Stella Zine/Pagan Holiday - 'Freak Faggot'
11. The Lovely Eggs - 'Don't Look at Me (I Don't Like it)'
12. Pocket Gods - 'Me Pablo and Duran Duran'
13. Zorras - 'Nest'
14. Lost Harbours - 'Feed the Birds'
15. Ten Tigers - 'Any Love is Good Love'
16. Bearsuit - 'When Will I Be Queen?'
17. DragChrist - 'VixXxen N Beat'
18. Tumbledryer Babies - 'Don't Spoonfeed my Heart'


Notes on CD:

This album is compiled by Ste McCabe and Emma Reed. It was released to help raise awareness of homophobia and transphobia and to encourage discussion and progress around these issues, as well as raising money for Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester. It was sparked by one of many, many violent attacks which are carried out against people who are, or even just seem to be, deviating from what some people see as 'the norm.' We are all individuals in this world and we all deserve to go about our business without living in fear of hatred and prejudice! The artists have given their music freely so please check them out and show them support elsewhere. Please also come over to our facebook, help spread the word, blog about us, give your favourite track a spin on you internet radio show....we want to get people talking about prejudice to start turning the tide. There will always be cruel people out there but if we can get people talking and remove some of the taboo around these subjects it will be a very good start. - Press Release.

Released 27th May 2013 Mastered by John Hannon at No recording studio, Essex.
Released through Liminal Noise Tapes,



Various Artists: 'Any Love is Good Love' CD

'Various Artists: 'Any Love is Good Love'

18 Track CD

Released May 27th, 2013 on Liminal Noise Tapes

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